Your Canadian Source
for All Things Tilapia!


Your Canadian Source
for All Things Tilapia!


About Us

PureLife Tilapia is an aquaculture business located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Our Hatchery Breeds Fry and Fingerlings for commercial Aquaculture, Home Aquaculture and Aquaponics Clients. We believe in quality and it shows in our product. We focus on producing the most economical strains, looking at total life-cycle cost. Whatever your requirements are, cool water tolerance, color, or all male populations, we have you covered.

We are happy to serve our commercial friends with our hatchery service. Talk to us about large volume purchasing or contracting our facility to manage your private brood stock. We tailor our process to your requirements, ensuring lowest possible cost for your business and maximizing your profits.

Want to grow your own food at home? We have you covered. Whether you want a fish only aquaculture setup or an aquaponics garden, we can help. Our Pure Stain Blues are well suited to both of these private uses. We can also help you with system design and optimization. Make sure you check out our information and guides section (Coming Soon!). We publish what we have learned with the hopes it will help some of you. Please beware that there is allot of bad information on the internet surrounding aquaculture and aquaponics. We are working diligently to build a guides section that will help you achieve your goals without having to learn the hard way like many do.

PureLife Tilapia is committed to bring you a high quality product for your business or your hobby.

Tilapia Info & Guides


General Info

General Tilapia info and health facts, species overview and licensing information. This is a good place to start if you are new to raising this wonderful fish.

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Blue Tilapia

Our Tilapia

Everyone Wants To Have The Best, Let Us Show You Why Ours Actually Are! We have options for our commercial friends and our home farmers.

Checkout our guides section for more.