About our Guides

Below you will find a list of our guides. They are organized in an order that will help you understand a home or small scale tilapia farming operation from beginning to end. I hope that you find each guide helpful as they are a reflection of what we do in our business. If you have any questions or do not understand something in our guides, please contact us and ask or let us know.

Happy reading!


General Info

Here we introduce you to tilapia. A great place to read about History, Health facts, Species overview and licensing information. This is a good place to start


Future Guides In Progress

Tilapia Species

Here we get into depth about what is out there for species, helping you sift through the confusing internet jargon and false advertising. We even get into some genetics for the readers who like the science behind raising these fish.

Our Tilapia

Here we explain what we offer, why we selected the species we have and how to raise them.

Tilapia Selection

Here we explain what you need to consider before selecting the species you will raise.

Tilapia Applications

We dive into the specifics of each application. From commercial Aquaculture to Backyard tilapia farming, we have you covered.


Tilapia Farming

We know you want to do this yourself, and here it is. This guide covers the needs of tilapia and how to design a tilapia farming system.


Tilapia Fingerlings

What are they and what do you need to know? Read this guide to get the information you need to be an informed buyer. We will also cover grading and why it matters to you.


Tilapia Breeding

Let’s talk about what it takes to breed this wonderful fish. You can do it and we can help.


Tilapia Myths

There are many of them so let’s cover them.


Raising Tilapia by Province

Know about your area specific requirement before you start your own aquaculture venture.


Edmonton area tilapia Farming

For my local friends, let’s talk about what is happening in Edmonton.