Tilapia Feed

The highest quality tilapia feed available in Canada. Packaged in sizes perfect for small aquaculture, home aquaculture and aquaponic growers. Our feed is designed to help you raise healthy fish while reducing the impact that conventional feeds have on your water quality. Feeding requirements for Tilapia change throughout their growth cycle. Providing the right nutrition at the right time is essential to reduce cost and increase growth rates. Our food focuses on reducing harvest cost while producing high quality healthy meat. See our chart below so you know what size food you need.

Our Tilapia Feed Features

Expanded pellet technology results in a slow sinking and floating pellet
Highly digestible to ensure good feed conversion
Proper protein blend for optimum growth
Premium ingredients help maintain excellent water quality
Highly durable and stable in water to ensure food does not dissolve before consumption

Certifications include:
BAP – Best Aquaculture Practices
GlobalGAP – Good Agricultural Practices
ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
ISO 22000 – Food safety management system HACCP
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
OHSAS 18001 – Health and Safety Management Systems

Committed to ethics and sustainability:
Raw materials from sustainable sources
Formulating and producing nutritionally balanced feeds that enhance efficient use of fish meal and fish oil
Employing ethical and eco-friendly processes and materials.

How Much Do You Need

We get asked allot how much feed is needed. The below numbers are assuming good aquaculture conditions with 29.5°C (85°F) water temps. If your water quality is not optimum, your tanks are not large enough, water is not warm enough or if you do not feed your fish the right food at the right time you will need more feed to get to harvest-able weight.

For 100 Pure Blue food grade fingerlings weighing in at 9.45 grams each or 2 pounds total you will need the following:

Crumble #1 – 0.5kg
1.2mm – 0.5kg
2mm – 2kg
3mm – 3kg
5mm – 40kg

This is an approximation to get each fish to approximately 1 pound based on our experience. Aquaponic grade or fish not kept in proper conditions fish will require more food to get to 1 pound.

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