Pure Strain Blue Fingerlings, Food Grade


Average length is 1 – 2 inches

Food grade will grow at very similar rates. Most commercial clients will select this grade if they wish to run systems cooler than required by the Wami Hybrid.

These fingerlings all natural, non-GMO and mixed sex.

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Pure Strain Blue Food Grade Fingerlings

These are high quality Pure Strain Blue Food Grade Fingerlings. These fish are Food Grade and will grow at similar rates to ensure they all reach harvest weight at the same time. Pure Strain Blue Food Grade Fingerlings are ideal for commercial aquaculture systems. Our Pure Strain Blue Food Grade Fingerlings are all natural, non-GMO and mixed sex.

If you are using an IBC tote system to grow tilapia you can put 73 pounds in a 1000L (275 Gallon) tote and 88 pounds in a 1200L (330 Gallon) tote. You will likely harvest at 1 – 1.5 lbs so calculate your tilapia fry accordingly. Most customers choose to harvest at 1lb so if you are not sure you can use this as a starting point. Remember, you need to have a filtration system capable of handling the load of this many fish. The numbers provided are recommended stocking densities per tote assuming you have proper filtration.

For customers using a home built aquaponics/aquaculture system we recommend 1 pound per 4-5 gallons of water. This is what the filtration system can handle on an average DIY system. Other retailers will tell you that 1 pound per 2-3 gallons is a good starting point because they want to sell you more fish. You will like the sounds of that because you want as many fish as possible in your system. But you will struggle to keep a healthy system or worse yet you actually lose them due to overstocking. IF you have a very good system with excellent filtration then you can keep stock at higher stocking densities but I don’t recommend it unless you have the necessary experience to maintain a system like this.

Licensing Requirements

Many people ask me about the license required to purchase Tilapia in Canada and if they need it. Yes you need it.

  • You can go here for all Alberta licensing. Other provinces google Commercial fish licence “Your Provence”.
    • If you are from Alberta and want to buy Tilapia for personal use you need a recreational license. Recreational licenses are $10 per year or $50 for a five-year period.  Getting the license is very easy. Click here for the application.
    • If you are from Alberta and want to buy and sell live Tilapia you need a Commercial license.
      • Commercial A allows holder to keep and sell tilapia to recreation, commercial and retail purposes.
      • Commercial C allows holder to harvest or sell dead fish to the public. This is for people who want to sell the meat in whole fish form.

Hatchery Services

If you want to order more than 1000, our hatchery service is a more economical option. Hatchery customers pay a fixed fee for us to raise their tilapia. Your fry and or fingerlings are graded based on your requirements and shipped on your schedule. Please contact us if you w

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